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We boost business Google rankings with SEO content writing

Getting your business noticed on the search engines, and Google in particular, has become an essential growth tool for many businesses. That’s why writing the right content for SEO has become so critical.

Ask any business for their top three asks of their marketing function. They’re more than likely to include ‘get us to the top of Google’. After all, there’s no point having a great product or service if your customers can’t find it online.

That’s where SEO – search engine optimisation – comes in.

SEO content writing examples

Here are some of the types of SEO copywriting we can help with:

  • Website & social media content
  • Landing pages & micro sites
  • Blogs
  • Video scripts
  • Third party content, e.g. online directory listings, guest blogs

Read our case study to discover how we helped a small business get more business through Google search with content SEO.

Writing content for SEO has become harder

It used to be the case that you could ‘stuff’ a page by simply repeating your keywords, and still get results. But Google and the other search engines got wise to this tactic quite some time ago.

In order to keep their customers happy search engines need to deliver relevant, quality content that searchers are looking for. Makes sound business sense if that is your sole purpose. More customers/searches = more revenue from advertisers.

As a result, they have become increasingly sophisticated in the way they deliver content on search results pages.

How to optimise online content for search

Yes, you have to have the right keywords on your website pages and other online properties in order to be found. However, if Google serves up your page to its customer, it wants to be sure that:

  1. your content is relevant to the intent of the search; and
  2. it engages the searcher enough to not simply ‘bounce’ off the site having only looked at a single page.

In other words, it needs to deliver something the searcher actually wants to consume. And in a format they most want to consume it in.

This is where a digital copywriter with SEO content experience can really add value. Taking your offering and serving it up for the modern online consumer or purchaser. It requires a subtle mix of art and science.

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