Sales Support

Sales support content helps nurture and convert prospects

Is your sales team getting the support it needs from your marketing content? Are your sales people forced to use old, out of date materials. Or worse, just make up their own?

If so, at best it reflects poorly on your company. And at worst it could be costing you customers and harming your reputation.

Sales Support Content

We write many different types of sales enablement materials and content. Tools that demonstrate your expertise, give your brand a clear tone of voice, and help give your sales team a competitive edge.

Here are just some examples:


  • Email templates
  • Proposals & tenders
  • Presentations


  • Brochures
  • Product & fact sheets
  • Postcards & flyers

We can also help with copy and content for internal documents. For example, training materials, scripts and process documents.

Why it makes sound business sense to brush up your sales support materials

Successful businesses know that having sales and marketing work together gets results. Both should be part of a seamless customer journey that will probably involve multiple ‘touch points’ across all areas of your business.

If doing business with you is difficult, awkward or uncomfortable at any stage of the process, customers will walk. And there’s likely plenty of competitors willing to snap up your unhappy castaways.

Why sales enablement matters

Sales enablement tools and content support your sales team in more ways than you might think.

True, having the right sales materials easily to hand at key moments in the sales process could make the crucial difference. But it can be so much more than that.

It’s about giving your team confidence in your brand and product or service. Handing them the tools so they can focus entirely on their job without having to waste time and effort scratching around searching for or inventing relevant content.

It’s easy to underestimate how demotivating it is to spend a lot of time on something that; a) isn’t part of your job remit, and b) you’re probably not that good at. If you’re expecting your sales people to generate their own marketing copy and content, that could be exactly what you’re doing.

Better for customers

Customer behaviour has changed almost beyond recognition in the past 10 years or so. They are far better-informed and already a significant way through the decision-making process before they even contact you.

Technology is driving the trend. But it’s content that’s feeding it. The buying process is no longer a linear path culminating in a sage sales person wisely shepherding the customer to their perfect product or service. It’s messy, noisy, distraction-filled and disjointed.

This is where your sales content can shine a helpful light to encourage and support your customers along the journey. Your content can do a lot of the heavy lifting in nurturing customers and prospects, leaving your sales team to focus on closing the deal.

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