Content SEO results in a fourfold increase in leads for a Bath small business

Case Study – WiFiGuys | October 2019

From struggling small business owner to local WiFi expert using the power of content marketing and SEO (search engine optimisation) on a limited budget.

Dave Mitchell owns Bath small business WiFiGuys

“I’m a techie, so many peoples’ eyes glaze over when I start talking. Carrie helped change that on the website.”

Dave Mitchell, Owner, WiFiGuys

The company

Link to WiFiGuys website built by CJ Copywriting

WiFiGuys is a specialist wireless network installer for local homes and businesses in the Bristol and Bath area.

The business challenge

The business owner relies on the website for the bulk of new business leads, but the site was underperforming.  There was too much technical information and the site was confusing. 

  • The owner had done what he could but is primarily technical, so a lot of the content was very jargon-heavy.  It didn’t really address the common WiFi problems potential customers were facing in a way they could easily relate to. 
  • Lack of a keyword strategy resulted in very hit and miss lead generation. This was further compounded by the fact that it was a new type of service offering. Compared to the more established services of, say, an electrician or plumber, search volumes were therefore relatively low.
  • There was no local SEO focus so the site was also getting a lot of irrelevant traffic from all over the world. 

In short, the question was how to get found by local prospective customers who had little or no knowledge of the offering. 

Customers that probably didn’t really know what they were looking for – just that they were frustrated and needed help.

How we tackled this small business headache with content SEO

Online content

  • Started with keyword research based on:
    • Qualitative data – from the business owner’s experience talking to customers about their problems. This helped identify how similar prospects might be searching for this type of service/help.
    • Quantitative data – keyword search volumes from Google Trends data.
  • Created and populated a new website with search engine optimised content based on the keywords identified.  Focused on local search traffic and addressing common customer WiFi problems in non-tech language.

Website home page header:

WiFiGuys home page title section linked to website - an example of small business content SEO
  • Built backlinks to the site, mainly via free online directory listings, populating them with keyword-focused content. This included a comprehensive Google My Business page.
  • Started a regular blog to:
    • address long-tail keywords/phrases to target more niche search traffic
    • build awareness among prospects further up the sales funnel, in the research phase of the decision-making process

Blog summary & thumbnails:

WiFiGuys home page blog section - click to visit website
  • Implemented a basic social media presence on Twitter, Facebook & LinkedIn. This included a consistent look & feel across all platforms and posting timely content, primarily to promote the blog

“Carrie constructed a new, cleaner, more informative website, with much better search engine optimisations and better, richer content within the site making it easier for people to understand.”

Offline support

In addition to the online activities we also:

  • Wrote sales proposal and customer email templates for consistent messaging to support conversions
  • Provided a proofing and editing service for important and/or delicate customer communications
  • Devised a new ‘WiFi Health Check’ service and created supporting collateral to generate repeat revenue

“She also has assisted me with tender documentation templates, again making it easier for non-technical people to understand. This has helped with my sales as customers now understand what it is they are getting.”

What happened

Below are some key results for Jan-Sept 2019 compared to the same period in 2018.


  • 85% increase in overall website traffic
  • Organic search clicks increased more than 4 x
  • % of searches originating from the UK more than doubled from 24% to 55% of total traffic
  • Bounce rate reduced by 85%

Monthly organic traffic improvement Oct 2018 – Sep 2019:

WiFiGuys organic traffic data illustrates the impact of content SEO on a small business website


  • Number of local leads quadrupled
  • Number of new WiFi installations increased by two thirds
  • Average order value increased by over a third
  • Overall business turnover more than doubled

This has been achieved purely through improvements in organic search visibility and ranking, as opposed to paid advertising.

“My website is higher up on Google rankings without the need to spend on advertising. The website now has many, many more relevant hits which has led to many more enquiries for my business.”

And that’s not all…

New customer feedback consistently cites the reason for contacting WiFiGuys as being the quality of the website. 

In fact, the owner has received enquiries from local telecoms companies looking to partner with a WiFi provider. This is largely based on the strength of the website content and its positioning of him as an expert in this field.

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