About Carrie Johnson, Freelance Copywriter

Firstly, a quick introduction

I live and work in Bath and, aside from writing, my biggest passion in life is kitesurfing. (Claim to fame: I currently hold the UK women’s record for the 8th highest kitesurf jump.) Although relatively new to becoming a freelance copywriter, I have over 15 years of marketing experience.

I started adult life with a Fine Art degree. Having creative roots has proven invaluable ever since. (Though with a strong sense of order and process, I wasn’t really cut out for the chaotic life of a tortured artist.)

My working background since has been in marketing for B2B service businesses – small and large.  In previous roles I’ve always been extensively involved in copywriting, proof reading, adapting and editing a broad range of written content. This experience includes content marketing and thought leadership, SEO and sales support

How I work

My working style is collaborative, drawing on expertise from different areas of the business to inform and develop copy and content. Often this approach tends to uncover relevant facts, information and angles that may not otherwise have been apparent.

Empathy is also key for a freelance copywriter. Understanding your audience, their motivations and their frustrations. Knowing who you’re speaking to makes content far more likely to hit the mark.

My style is precise, sparing and totally focused on achieving the desired outcome. I’m not a jazz hands kind of a writer. I’d rather be thought-provoking and action-prompting. Check out this case study for an example of how I used content SEO to help grow a small business in Bath.

I also have a true nit-picker’s eye for detail – which definitely helps.


In 15 years of marketing, I’ve consistently seen a common challenge affecting all sizes of business.


It’s at the heart of what’s good (and bad) about most companies and organisations, regardless of size. Whether that’s the way they communicate externally with customers, or internally with their own employees.

Words undoubtedly matter, wherever they are used in your business.  From your website, social posts, sales brochure or advertising to one-on-one customer interactions, to internal employee communications. 

Getting it right can be a tricky and time-consuming business. Made even harder if you don’t have the in-house resources on hand to properly manage your written output.

What I can offer you as a freelance copywriter

I provide copywriting and content marketing services that help businesses find their unique voice. One that’s in tune with their business objectives, strategic goals and customer profile.

Consistent messaging in an audience-appropriate style is crucial to building customer trust.

It’s so easy to become immersed in your business to the point that it becomes virtually impossible to take an objective view.  Fresh eyes and an outside perspective can help give you the insight to properly map out your content with where you’re trying to go – and help you get there.

What I try to do is firstly understand who you are as a business and who your audience is.  It’s then a case of using objective research, creativity and a pinch of common sense to join the dots.

Need a freelance copywriter? Let’s get started…

I’m happy to get my teeth into one off projects. 

Alternatively, what I’d really love is the opportunity to get under your business’s skin to help you get results month after month.  A steady drumbeat of communication that grows and evolves offers proven long-term benefits.

Get in touch today for help with business communications, copywriting and content marketing. 

Start using your company’s unique story and expertise to drive and support its future growth.

Thanks for reading!


Carrie Johnson, Freelance Copywriter at CJ Copywriting